Best Herbs for Protection and How to Use Them

Best Herbs for Protection

Although herbs are mostly known for their healing benefits, many people today still believe they hold magical properties too.

For example, sage, rosemary and mugwort are three of the most popular herbs thought to offer protection against negative energies. In this article, we’re going to explore the best herbs you can use depending on what you need protection from—whether it’s bad vibes at school or stress at home.

We’ll also show you how to use these powerful plants. Maybe you’ll hang dried herbs in your room or learn a simple way to include them in daily rituals.

So if you’re curious about how natural elements can safeguard your space and spirit, this article is written for you.

Best Herbs For Protection

Best herbs for protection against ghosts

Rosemary on a wooden background
– Rosemary on a wooden background

Several herbs, like rosemary, are thought to provide protection against ghosts. Rosemary is often used due to its ability to purify. You can burn it to clean the air, or place it in small bags around your home to keep the surroundings clean. It’s also useful in handwashing rituals.

Salt, although not an herb, is very strong in protection. If you put a bowl of salt in a room, it’s believed to clear away any bad energy.

Also, lilies and agrimony are good for keeping away spirits you don’t want around. You can put lilies in small bags to protect against evil, or use agrimony to send away bad spirits and guard against harmful magic.

Best herbs for protection against nightmares

chamomile flowers
– Chamomile flowers

If you’re having trouble with bad dreams, there are some herbs that might help.

Chamomile is a good one to try. It’s known to relax muscles and calm nerves, which can help you get a good night’s sleep.

Another herb to consider is passionflower. It can help calm your system and make it less likely for you to have nightmares.

Valerian is often referred to as the ‘sleep herb’. It can help you relax quickly, but you should start with a small dose. For some people, it might actually make nightmares worse.

If you’re looking for something to help you feel more grounded, you might want to try a combination of wood betony and St. John’s Wort. They can’t only help with feelings of depression but also strengthen your energy.

There’s also an herb called mullein that some people think can protect against nightmares. And if you like herbal teas, you might find that a cup of thyme or marjoram tea before bed can help keep bad dreams away.

Best herbs for protection against psychic attacks

– Mugwort / Source:

When it comes to guarding against psychic attacks, you need herbs like rosemary and sage.

You see, burning rosemary can help clean up your space. It’s like a wall that keeps out bad psychic vibes. You can put it in a little bag and carry it around, or you can use it in a potion that cleans things.

White sage is another herb that’s useful. It’s not like the sage you use in your kitchen. This one is famous for keeping away spirits that are up to no good. It also cleans the air, getting rid of any negative energy.

Then there’s mugwort. This is a real “tough guy” in the world of herbs. Not only does it guard against psychic attacks, but it also helps you improve your own psychic skills. So if you’re into spiritual practices, this one’s for you.

Best herbs for protection against negative energy

Palo Santo
Palo Santo Burning

When you’re feeling like you’re under a cloud of negative energy, there are specific herbs that can come to your rescue.

Sage is one of them. It’s pretty popular and used often. People burn it in a process called smudging. The idea is that it wipes out negativity and makes your surroundings pure and clean.

Another one is Palo Santo, which means holy wood. It has a deep, woodsy smell and is used to get rid of bad energy. It’s like a broom, sweeping away all the negative stuff and making room for love and prosperity.

Then there’s Sweetgrass. This one is known for bringing in good vibes. People usually burn it during ceremonies to keep the atmosphere peaceful.

Rosemary and basil are like your personal bodyguards. They not only protect you from negative energy, but they also make your energy field stronger. These herbs act like shields, keeping the bad away.

St. John’s Wort and lavender do the same. They’re like walls against negative influences. Plus, they help you stay calm and relaxed.

Best herbs for protection against evil spirits

Juniper berries
– Juniper berries / Source: Appalachian Valley Natural Products

When talking about herbs that are known for keeping away evil spirits, there are several that come to mind.

Again, sage is among the best ones. It’s used a lot for spiritual protection. When you burn it, it cleans the air and helps keep away bad vibes.

Then we’ve rosemary. If you put it near your bed or around your house, it can help protect against nightmares and other negative things.

Next up is juniper. This herb can be dried and then burned. It’s known for its ability to protect against evil spirits, and it can also help to promote healing.

Frankincense is another herb to consider. Its resin can be burned or used as an oil. It’s good at keeping away negative vibes and evil spirits.

Last but not least is garlic. You can use it in your cooking or carry it with you as a kind of charm. It’s a strong protector against bad magic.

Best herbs for protection against bad luck

Salt in a bowl
Salt in a bowl

If you’re looking to guard against bad luck, you can use rosemary. People say it’s good for protection. It’s easy to use too. You can burn it or keep it in a small bag close to you. This can help clear any negative feelings from your space.

Salt isn’t a herb but it’s also known to help with protection. It’s simple to use. Just put some in a bowl and it’s thought to help clear any room of bad vibes.

Another herb you might find useful is St. John’s Wort. It’s said to be good at keeping away bad spirits and getting rid of evil. This can make it a strong helper in your fight against bad luck.

Using these natural things together can help you a lot in protecting against bad luck.

Best herbs for protection against magic

Donq-Quai or Angelica Sinensis as most commonly known
Donq-Quai or Angelica Sinensis as most commonly known

Protecting yourself from magical influences can be as important as safeguarding against bad luck. There are some herbs that are super effective in doing this.

For example, Mugwort. It’s really good at keeping negative energies away and is often used in spells for magical defense.

Did you know that Holy Basil isn’t just for cooking? It’s actually great for keeping evil spirits away.

If you need strong protection, Angelica is the herb for you. This herb is linked with the archangel Michael and can give you strong protection from dark forces.

Bay Leaf and Dill are also great for this. They’re well-known for their ability to keep evil at bay. If you want really solid protection, you can combine these with Rue, Fennel, or Balm of Gilead. All of these offer strong defense against harmful spells and spirits.

Best herbs for travel protection

Comfrey plant

Are you planning a trip soon? You might want to think about packing some helpful herbs. One of these is Comfrey (Symphytum). It’s known to offer protection while on the go. This herb doesn’t only help heal cuts and scrapes. Many people think it also keeps travelers safe from getting hurt or having accidents.

Mugwort is another herb to pack. It’s believed to help fight off tiredness on long trips. This can help keep you alert as you travel around new places.

Lastly, bringing along a bit of Basil might be a good idea. Some say it brings good luck and makes sure your trip is peaceful by keeping away bad vibes.

Best Herbs for Protection Against Evil Eye

Ruta graveolens.
Ruta graveolens. Photograph by Free Use Photos via Flickr.

Rue (Ruta graveolens) is a top pick when it comes to herbs that protect against the evil eye. What’s so special about it? Well, it’s known for its strong protective features. You can wear it like a lucky charm or put it in tiny bags to keep away any bad vibes.

Then there’s Hyssop. This herb is a true friend when you need to clear out negativity. People usually use it in protective washes or burn it as incense to scrub their spaces clean from negative energy.

And hey, don’t underestimate the power of basil! It’s not just a tasty addition to your pasta. You can plant it near your front door or even carry some with you to push away any negative energy that might come your way.

Rosemary and mugwort are also part of our guard team against the evil eye. Hang some rosemary in your house and carry mugwort with you when you travel.

How to Use Protective Herbs?

You’ve learned about the best herbs for protection, but how do you actually use them?

Here’s a quick guide to incorporating these powerful plants into your daily life for safety and peace. Check out the table below to find a method that suits your needs and lifestyle.

Carrying HerbsKeep dried herbs in a pouch or locket.
Burning HerbsBurn herbs as incense for cleansing spaces.
Herbal BathsAdd herbs to your bath for purification.
Anointing with Herbal OilsUse infused oils to anoint the body.
Creating Talismans or CharmsCraft items with herbs for continuous protection.
Drinking Herbal TeasSoak them in hot water and consume for inner cleansing
Sprinkling Powdered HerbsGrind the dried herbs, toss the powder around

Carrying Herbs

Wondering how to use protective herbs on-the-go? A simple way is putting dried herbs in a tiny bag or charm.

Best Herbs for Protection
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Handy for safeguarding during trips. Easy to carry, quite subtle. Go for sage, lavender, or mugwort – famous for protective qualities. Just pop the bag in your suitcase or wear it as a necklace.

Alternatively, put a twig or herb piece in your pocket. Keep that protective energy nearby without extra effort. Simple yet effective, ensuring all-day protection.

Burning Herbs

Burning herbs protects from negative energies – not just you, but your whole living or work space too. Smudging, lighting dried sage to cleanse your home or office, is widely practiced.

Sage Smudge Kit
Sage Smudge Kit sold on Amazon

This ancient ritual banishes stuck, harmful vibes, inviting positive energy. Don’t limit yourself to sage; explore herbs aligning with your protective needs.

Herbal incense sticks is another way to maintain a protective aura, whether mobile or doing tasks at home. The fragrant smoke enhances the environment while shielding against negativity.

Traditional Sandalwood & White Sage Incense Sticks
Traditional Sandalwood & White Sage Incense Sticks / Source: Amazon

Herbal Baths

After a tough day, a herbal bath can clear bad vibes and boost your aura. Pick protective herbs like sage, rosemary, lavender. Use 1 cup fresh or 1/2 cup dried.

Don’t let herbs float – contain them in a cloth bag or infuser. As if you are preparing a large “bath” of tea.. As the warm tub fills, immerse the herb pack to infuse the water. Give it a stir once filled.

Now soak for at least 20 minutes, allowing herbs to work their magic. Breathe deeply, visualizing negativity dissolving away.

The relaxing soak, infused with protective botanicals, will leave you rejuvenated.

Anointing with Herbal Oils

Herbal-infused oils protect from bad vibes, bringing calm energy. Use on yourself, suitcases for travel safety, even doors/windows to safeguard your home.

Making them is simple – start with olive or almond oil, add protective herbs like sage, rosemary, lavender.

Lightly apply the oil while focusing on your protective intention. This imbues a sense of security and serenity.

Creating Talismans or Charms

Creating talismans combines protective herbs with powerful symbols for personal safeguarding.

Start with safety-renowned herbs like sage, rosemary, lavender. Choose symbols aligning with your intentions – runes, sigils, geometric shapes.

Bind them together – stitch herbs into sachets, carve symbols onto wearable items, or blend both decoratively.

Charge your talisman by holding it, visualizing your protective shield. This personal connection it is believed to activate its power.

Drinking Herbal Teas

Herbal teas with sage, rosemary, and lavender boost health and guard against negative energies.

Sage tea cleans your aura – your personal energy field – removing negativity and stress. Rosemary tea shields your mind, promoting clear thinking by keeping harmful influences away. Lavender tea busts stress, relaxing you like a mini spa session in a cup!

These teas act as cleansers, protectors, and soothers for your energetic well-being.

Sprinkling Powdered Herbs

Sprinkling powdered sage, lavender, or rosemary creates a shield against negativity, utilizing herbs’ protective powers.

Grind dried herbs into a fine powder. Lightly toss it around your space while focusing on protection. Regularly replace the powder to maintain its potent energy.

This ritual safeguards and promotes peace in your environment, easing your mind.

Electric Herb Grinder 200w
Electric Herb Grinder 200w / Source: Amazon


You’ve now got a solid toolkit of herbs to shield you from various threats, from ghosts to nightmares and psychic attacks. Whether it’s warding off evil spirits or negating negative energy, these natural allies offer powerful protection.

Remember to use them wisely and respect their potency. Carry them with you when traveling, keep them under your pillow, or wear them as a charm to make sure you’re safeguarded wherever you go.

Stay protected and empowered!

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