18 Supplement Coupons & Discount Codes

Get up to 35% Discount on well-know supplement and wellness companies like Nootropics Depot, Hooga Health, BestQool, Bioptimizers, Daily Nutra, Xtend-Life, Perpetual Life, partiQlar and many more..

Foodnurish has partnered with some of the most trusted supplement and health product companies across the world and has successfully managed to access a set of exclusive supplement coupon codes and discounts for its readers.

Supplement Coupons & Discounts Codes

Georganics Logo

Georganics Discount Code

Get 15% OFF your order. Applies storewide.

Daily Nutra logo

Daily Nutra Discount Code

Get 25% OFF your order. First time purchase only.

Nootopia logo

Nootopia Coupon Code

Get 10% OFF your entire nootropics order from Nootopia. No purchase minimum.

supplement coupons

BiOptimizers Coupon Code

Get 10% OFF of your order from Bioptimizers (US or UK shops). No purchase minimum.

Xtend Life Logo

Xtend Life Coupon Code

Get 15% OFF on your entire order when you shop from Xtend Life’s website.

Perpetua Life Logo

Perpetua Life Coupon Code

Get 10% OFF from Perpetual Life when you shop your favorite anit-aging supplements.

MegaFood logo

MegaFood Coupon Code

Get a whopping 29% discount for your first 3 subscription orders.

HerbsPRO logo

HerbsPro Coupon Code

Get EXTRA 5% OFF your order by using our exclusive coupon code.

PartiQlar logo

PartiQlar Discount Coupon Code

Get 10% OFF on your entire order from PartiQlar Supplements Official Store.

Balance of Nature Logo

Balance of Nature Discount Code

Get 35% OFF on your entire order when you place a subscription order from Balance of Nature store.

Nature Made Logo

Nature Made Coupon Code

Get 25% OFF on your entire order when you place an order over $30 from Nature Made.

Stripfast5000 logo

StripFast5000 Discount Code

Get 10% OFF on your entire order from Stripfast 5000’s official store.

nootropics depot logo

Nootropics Depot Discount Code

Get 10% OFF with our exclusive coupon on your entire Nootropics Depot order.

Coupons & Discounts From Wellness Companies

supplement coupons

NR LAB Coupon Code

Get 10% OFF on your entire order when you shop from NR LAB’s official website.

Hooga Logo

Hooga Red Light Discount Code

Get 12% OFF on your entire order when you shop from Hooga Health’s official website.

BestQool Logo

BestQool Discount Code

Get 5% OFF on your entire order when you shop red light therapy devices from BestQool.

Outlaw Soaps Logo

Outlaw Soaps Discount Code

Get a whopping 20% discount from the most unique soap manufacturing company in the world.

teabloom logo

Teabloom Discount Coupon Code

Get 10% OFF on your entire order from Teabloom – the renowned tea and teapot seller.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a collection of frequently asked questions from our readers. If you have a question, feel free to contact us here. We’ll get back to you in a jiffy.

Yes, these coupon codes are 100% legit and working. Foodnurish is partnering only with the best supplement and health companies and the partnership entails a discount code for our audience. We list all the discount codes on this page.

Note that these coupon codes never expire. Thus, you can bookmark this page (Ctrl+D) and revisit it from time to time to get your favorite coupon and check for new discount codes.

Most of the discount codes we get from our partners don’t have any restrictions. That means , there isn’t any minimum amount to purchase required for the coupon code to work or specific products that the coupon can be used on.

But, there are some supplement companies that have some restrictions. For example, daily Nutra offers 25% discount on first orders only. MegaFood offers a whopping 29% discount on your first three subscription orders.

Balance of Naturae offers 35% discount on your first subscription order.

That is why, upon clicking on the claim discount button, you are been taken to a page with all the information and special requirements for each coupon code.

Our coupon codes are checked at least once per year to be working. Of course, these coupon codes never expire, so unless owe stop the partnership with the supplement company, the coupon code is unlikely to stop working. Nevertheless, we make sure to keep our discount codes updates by checking them at least once per year (usually on January).

No, you can’t. Each discount code is used once per order.

All the discount codes you’ll find on this page are 100% valid. They are been checked by our team at least once per year.

Here’s a straightforward guide to redeeming a coupon code:

1. Reveal the Code: Click the “Claim Discount” button to uncover the secret code. Remember it or copy it for easy access.

2. Visit the Store: Use the provided link or navigate to the supplement store’s website directly.

3. Fill Your Cart: Browse and add the desired supplements to your shopping cart.

4. Checkout Zone: Click “Checkout” or a similar button to proceed with your order.

5. Find the Code Spot: Look for a designated field labeled “Discount Code,” “Coupon Code,” or something similar. This is where the magic happens!

6. Enter the Code: Carefully copy and paste the revealed code into the designated field. Ensure every character is accurate.

7. Apply the Discount: Don’t miss the “Apply” button! Click it to activate the code and witness the discount instantly reflected in your total.

8. Finalize Your Purchase: Double-check your order details and proceed with your preferred payment method.

9. Success! You’ve successfully redeemed the code and secured your savings. Enjoy your discounted supplements!

If a coupon code doesn’t work, please contact us here and mention the problem you encounter along with the coupon code you used. If you can provide a screenshot, that’s even better. If not, no problem. We’ll investigate and get back to you within 48 hours.

Picking the right supplement isn’t like grabbing a candy bar! Here are some simple tips to navigate the world of supplements and find one that actually does what it says:

Skip the fluff: Avoid supplements with “fillers” like sugars, starches, or artificial colors. These add weight and cost, but not benefits. Look for labels that clearly list the active ingredients and their amounts.

Independent eyes: Look for “Third-Party Lab Tested” seals. This means a separate lab, not the company itself, checked the ingredients and amounts match what’s on the label.

Do they walk the walk? Choose companies with clear values and ethos that align with yours. Do they prioritize sustainability, ethical sourcing, and research? Trustworthy companies tend to make trustworthy products.

Secret recipe alert: Skip “proprietary blends” where the exact amounts of each ingredient are hidden. It’s hard to know what you’re getting and if it’s actually effective. Transparency is key!

Read the reviews (but with a grain of salt): Online reviews can offer insights, but remember, everyone’s experience is different. Look for consistent themes (good or bad) and use reviews alongside other factors for a well-rounded picture.

Do you want to partner with FoodNurish and have your coupon code published on our website? Feel free to contact us here.